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TRICARE for Life

TRICARE for Life is a type of Medicare Supplement plan available only to those with both Medicare and TRICARE coverage (i. e. , current or former military personnel and dependents). If you are part of both programs, you should automatically be enrolled in TRICARE for Life. If you have TRICARE for Life, TRICARE serves as a secondary payer and provides additional benefits after Medicare has paid its share for Medicare-covered services. Many services covered by both Medicare and TRICARE for Life may cost you nothing out-of-pocket. However, you may choose to purchase a Medigap or Medicare Advantage plan to supplement TRICARE for Life.

TRICARE for Life may eliminate the need to make sure your doctor accepts certain terms and conditions, or to limit your medical care to certain hospitals and physicians. You also have TRICARE coverage overseas, and may still choose to receive treatment from military care facilities on a space-available basis. You must have both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B in order to continue to be eligible for TRICARE for Life.

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