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Health Net

Health Net is one of the largest managed health care companies in the United States, offering benefits to individuals in all 50 states through its various programs. Health Net is also known for sponsoring professional U.S. cycling teams. Health Net seeks to make your health care easy to use and easy to understand. They offer a wide range of Medicare coverage so that you can choose a plan that will meet your particular needs.

Many plans offer special features to help you keep your healthcare costs under control, including low or no monthly premiums, coverage for doctor office visits, urgent care, medications, preventive screening coverage, and additional benefits such as vision or dental coverage that you can choose to purchase based on your needs. Health Net has built networks of doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies to provide you with care, and consistently updates its prescription drug formularies.

Some of Health Net's Medicare Advantage plans may not offer deductibles, coverage for services such as doctor office visits, hospital care, and prescription drugs, and access to a 24-hour medical advice help line. For those on the Original Medicare Plan, Health Net also offers Medicare Supplement insurance. Not all plans may be available in all areas.

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