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CIGNA Medicare Supplemental Insurance

CIGNA Medicare plans provide a wonderful way for seniors to obtain top-notch insurance coverage for their health care needs and so much more. The CIGNA name is one which is keeping in with quality and furtherance of health insurance goals for the community. When you are searching for senior health insurance plans you want to be sure that not only the plan itself is good as well as the company which issues it.

Changes to CIGNA's Medicare Offerings

In June of 2010, CIGNA announced that they will not be renewing their national Medicare Advantage Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS) contract with the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services. This doesn't necessarily mean that CIGNA no longer offers senior Medicare options; however, the PFFS plan was one of CIGNA's most popular Medicare plans, and that plan will no longer be made available, starting in 2011.

The good news is that CIGNA will still offer its Medicare Rx® prescription drug plan, their individual PDP plan, and also the Medicare Select® HMO option for seinors (available in select Arizona counties).


CIGNA came into existence in the 18th century under a different name, back when insurance providers were few and far between. The original company changed names a few times and finally settled on the CIGNA name in 1982. Offering a wide array of insurance choices including life insurance, health insurance and dental coverage, CIGNA continues to expand its insurance offerings to offer additional options and plans.

Overview of CIGNA Medicare Plans

There are many different CIGNA Medicare plans that seniors can choose from in their quest for the best type of health insurance. For those who may need prescription drug coverage, these benefits can be acquired via a few different CIGNA plans such as CIGNA Medicare Access Plus Rx and CIGNATURE Rx to name two of the main types. No matter what seniors are searching for with regard to Medicare health plans they are sure to find the answer with CIGNA Medicare.

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